HS5 Seatalk HS Network Switch (Raynet) Rea

HS5 Seatalk HS Network Switch (Raynet)

Raymarine nätverks switch. Upp till 5 enheter är möjligt.

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eaTalkhs data is quickly distributed to other SeaTalkhs equipment using the HS5 switch. Information shared using the SeaTalkhs network includes shared cartography (between compatible displays), digital radar data and sonar data.

HS5 Network Switch | Raymarine

Key Features

  • 12V or 24V DC
  • 5 port - Watertight RayNet connection
  • 10Mbit/sec, 100Mbit/sec and 1000 Mbit/sec (5th port only) supported network speeds.
  • Gigabit 5th port allows higher speed across switches should a 2nd switch be necessary.

Multiple Switches

Systems with more than 5 SeaTalkhs devices require more than one network switch. Network switches can be connected together ("daisy-chaining") for this purpose.

The network switch provides a dedicated high-speed (1000 Mbit/S) port for connecting switches together while still retaining full data bandwidth throughout the system.

Each switch only has one high-speed port (port 5), so you can only connect up to 2 switches using the high-speed (1000 Mbit/S) connection. Any additional network switches must be connected together using a standard speed (100 Mbit/S) port.

Note: The maximum number of SeaTalkhs devices that can be connected in any single system is 25.

HS5 Multiple Switches | Raymarine

Example Systems

Basic System

  1. Network switch
  2. Multifunction display
  3. Radar scanner
  4. Thermal camera
Basic HS5 System | Raymarine
HS5 Expanded System | Raymarine

Expanded System

  1. Thermal camera
  2. Multifunction display
  3. Network switch
  4. Connection between 2 network switches (Port 5 must be used for 1000 Mbit/Sec operation)
  5. Radar scanner
  6. Antenna for Sirius weather receiver (US only)
  7. Sirius weather receiver (US only)
  8. Digital Sounder Module (DSM)

Raymarine HS5 Specifications

HS5 Network Switch Specifications | Raymarine
Product Number A80007
Dimensions 10in x 3.5in x 3in
(252.5mm x 88.6mm x 75mm)
Nominal supply voltage 12 or 24 V dc
Operating voltage range 9 - 32 V dc
Power consumption < 2.5 W | < 600 mA @ 12 V
Environmental Installation environment: Operating temperature = -13ºF to 131ºF (-25ºC to +55ºC)
Storage temperature = -13ºF to 158ºF (-25ºC to +70ºC)
Relative humidity: max 93% Waterproof to IPX6
Conformance Europe: 2004/108/EC
Australia and New Zealand: C-Tick, Compliance Level 2
China: CCS certification
Supported connection protocols SeaTalkhs
Supported connection speeds 10 Mbit/S | 100 Mbit/S | 1000 Mbit/S

Raymarine HS5 Ordering Information

HS5 Network Switch Specifications | Raymarine
Part No. Description
A80007 HS5 SeaTalkhs Network Switch

HS5 - What's in the box?

The HS5 is available with the features, options, and accessories described below.
Refer to the packing list enclosed with your HS5 shipment to determine the actual contents of your package.

HS5 What's in the box? | Raymarine
1 Network switch
2 Fixing screws
3 Power cable (red and black)
4 Documentation pack, consisting of:
  • Installation instructions
  • Mounting template
  • Warranty policy

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