Simrad V3100 SOTDMA

The V3100 Class B AIS is designed to meet the needs of light commercial vessels and workboats operating in high-traffic areas. SOTDMA technology and increased transmission power enhance transmission frequency, reliability, and range compared to standard Class B AIS. This ‘black-box’ solution integrates with Simrad displays, and features industry-standard connectivity.

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Key Features

  • Enhanced performance compared to standard Class B AIS
  • Transmit over greater distances with 5-Watt output power
  • Transmit more frequent position updates with SOTDMA
  • Greater transmission reliability in high-traffic areas
  • Integrated ‘black-box’ solution
  • NMEA 2000®, dual NMEA 0183®, and USB connectivity
  • IP67 water-resistant housing
  • Built-in SD card slot for AIS data logging

Increased Transmission Frequency and Reliability

The V3100 Class B AIS incorporates the same SOTDMA technology found in Class A solutions. This self-organising transmission technology allows the system to negotiate a regular transmission timeslot with other AIS units in range, facilitating more frequent and reliable position updates in high-traffic areas. The V3100 transmits updates, based on vessel speed, up to once every five seconds; this provides up to six times the reporting frequency of standard Class B AIS.

Increased Transmission Range

The V3100 features a maximum transmission power of 5 Watts, 2.5 times the transmission power of standard Class B AIS solutions. This allows vessels equipped with the V3100 to be detected over AIS at a greater range, and provides more reliable transmission to satellite-based AIS receivers.

Integrated ‘Black-Box’ Solution

This ‘black box’ AIS solution is designed to work with Simrad multifunction displays, and other NMEA 2000® or NMEA 0183® connected marine electronics. Output to a standard PC is also supported via USB connectivity. The V3100 is contained in a compact IP67 water-resistant housing, and includes a built-in SD card slot for standalone AIS data logging.



Frequency Range 156.025 MHz ~ 162.025 MHz
Access Scheme SOTDMA
Channel Bandwidth 25 KHz
Modulation GMSK / FM
Data Rate 9,600 bps
Number of AIS Transmitters 1
Number of AIS Receivers 2 (one time-shared between AIS and DSC)
Number of DSC Receivers 1 (time-shared between AIS and DSC)
AIS Channel 1 CH 87B (161.975 MHz)
AIS Channel 2 CH 88B (162.025 MHz)
Tx Power Output 5 Watt (37 dBm ± 1.5 dB): 1 Watt (30 dBm ± 1.5 dB)
Rx Sensitivity < -107 dBm @ 20% PER
Rx Message Format AIS Class A & B messages


Modulation 1,300 Hz / 2,100 Hz FSK
Accuracy 1,200 bps ± 30 ppm
Spurious Response Rejection ≧ 70 dB for signal @ -104 dBm; BER ≦ 1 %
Blocking ≧ 84 dB for signal @ -104 dBm; BER ≦1 %


Receiving Channels 50 channels
Accuracy IEC 61108-1 compliant
Output Rate 1 Hz
Support GPS, Gallieo, Beidou, GLONASS


Supply Voltage 12V / 24V DC, 3A
Power Consumption Typically less than 3W average @ 12V DC


GPS Antenna Connector Adaptor to SMA (incl. in box)
VHF Antenna Connector SO-239 (Female)
NMEA 2000 Micro-C standard connector
NMEA 0183 (RS-422) Support two NMEA 0183 interfaces. Default baud rate 38,400 & 4,800 bps. Configurable and separate Tx/Rx baud rate.Standard IEC 61162-1 / IEC 61162-2 sentences
Silent Mode Setting Set by dedicated pins in the 12-pin cable or by NMEA 2000 from Navico MFD
Internal Alarm Relay Setting Set by dedicated pins in the 8-pin cable
USB Mini-B type, waterproof


Operating Conditions IEC 60945 “protected” category
Operating Temperature -15°C ~ +55°C (+5°F ~ +130°F)
Waterproof IP67


Width 177 mm (6.97 inches)
Height 60 mm (2.36 inches)
Depth 132 mm (5.20 inches) (exclude connector)
Weight 500 g


SOFTWARE TOOL Navico AIS Configuration, AIS Viewer


Standard Magnetic Compass 0.3 m
Steering Magnetic Compass 0.3 m


Cable Integral 10 m RG-174 cable plus mounting bracket
Supply Voltage 3.3V


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