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    The new JMA-1030 radar series is JRC’s very first touch operated radar with new dome scanners that provide you with highly accurate target clarity and ease of mind of your surroundings during night or intense fog. Kampanjpris: 18900 ex moms
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    The JMA-3300 series is JRC's newest radar, featuring a 10.4-inch ultra bright LCD, and incorporates the latest digital signal processing for excellent target identification and detection in a compact design.
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    JRC's new JMA-5200Mk2 continues the success of its predecessor, reaching a new level of performance, designed to seamlessly run radar images faster and more efficiently than even before.
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    JRC’s new JMA-5300Mk2 integrates the latest leading technologies with a set of new features that allows running radar images faster and more efficiently than ever before.
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    Intuitive operation and excellent visibility The newest addition to the JRC radar portfolio is the JMA-3400 series. This lightweight radar has user-friendly operation system and is specially designed for fishing boats, non-international trading vessels and workboats. The system can be completed by choosing from a variety of 2 ft, 3.9 ft, 4 ft and 6 ft...