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  • The Saab R5 Supreme AIS system is designed for SOLAS vessels and advanced applications such as Secure and Warship AIS. It fully utilizes our fifth generation transponder technology, building on the success of the R4 AIS system, which is in operation aboard some 20,000 ships worldwide.
  • Saab’s IMO-compliant Navigation systems have been the top choice for professional mariners for over a decade. Saab now proudly offers the R5 SUPREME Nav Mk II system featuring the all-new R5 Navigation sensor with reliability, performance and flexibility like no other type approved system on the market.
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    DEMO ENHET, KOMPLETT I KARTONG, FULL GARANTI Kartplotter medReal vision™ 3D-ekolod och 1 kW-CHIRP 12.1" HybridTouch med multifunktionella navigationsdisplayer