AP70 Mk2 IMO Analog Pack

Wheelmarked autopilotpaket med AP70 Mk2 avancerad kontollenhet och AC80A Analog kursdator.

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    Drive computer for analog or proportional control of rudder or thruster using analog voltage or low level current with possibility for frequency, voltage or current angle feedback, digital drive handshake and external mode input. Built in CAN-bus supply and 4 channel IEC 61162-1 (NMEA 0183) RX/TX. Built in CAN-bus supply channel IEC 61162-1 (NMEA 0183)...
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    The AP70 Mk2 is a dedicated autopilot controller designed to meet the needs of professional mariners aboard a variety of commercial vessels. Replacing both the AP70 and AP80 as our IMO/SOLAS autopilot controller, the AP70 Mk2 retains much of the well-reputed platform of its predecessors, but with a brilliant new display and modernised software interface....


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