Utförsäljning FLIR T460

Utförsäljning FLIR T460

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T460 Thermal Camera (640 x 480, 9Hz, NTSC, 12 degree FOV) & Low Light

T460 Thermal Camera (640 x 480, 9Hz, PAL, 12 degree FOV) & Low Light

T463 Thermal Camera (640 x 480, 30Hz, NTSC, 12 degree FOV) & Low Light

T463 Thermal Camera (640 x 480, 25Hz, PAL, 12 degree FOV) & Low Light

Enhance your safety and situational awareness

Raymarine's T Series thermal night vision camera systems use cutting-edge Ethernet connectivity for easy installation, control, and interface with other on-board electronics. The rugged, waterproof gimbal enclosure provides a continuous 360º pan and ±90º tilt for an all round view.

Thermal Night Vision Camera - T400 | Raymarine

Key Features

  • Full pan, tilt and zoom capabilities
  • Integrated multifunction display control
  • Thermal only or thermal/lowlight multi sensor configurations - see ordering information
  • Standard and high-resolution thermal night vision camera options
  • 2x zoom on all models, the high resolution option provides an additional 4x zoom
  • 640 x 480 high resolution format providing improved image detail and range performance.
  • Network ready
  • Rugged construction to withstand harsh conditions
  • Window de-ice heaters for clear vision even in ice and snow
  • Standard NTSC or PAL video outputs that can be viewed on any monitor with an auxiliary video input.
  • Pre-set gain adjustments for optimal image quality in various conditions
  • On-screen icons show what the camera is doing and where it's pointing

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