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Nyheter från MIBS

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FLIR M100 & M200

Raymarine AXIOM

LightHouse 3

FLIR M100 & M200

Today we announced the launch of M100 and M200 marine thermal cameras, which brings the world of thermal vision to more recreational boaters. The benefits of thermal cameras include enhanced awareness while fishing, sailing, or cruising at night.

FLIR’s most compact pan-and-tilt marine thermal cameras to date, the FLIR M100 and M200 are engineered with FLIR’s Boson™ high performance thermal camera core, which features an integrated multi-core video processor that delivers superior image quality and artificial intelligence features. When the M100 and M200 are combined with a Raymarine Axiom MFD, users can take advantage of FLIR’s new ClearCruise™ intelligent thermal analytics that brings boaters an entirely new level of awareness and safety by visually and audibly alerting the operator when “non-water” objects such as boats, obstacles, or navigation markers are identified in the scene.

The M100 offers adjustable tilt to compensate for when the boat is running with the bow high.  As FLIR’s most affordable marine thermal camera, the M100 retails for $2,495 USD.  The M200 is a ground-breaking product that offers full pan and tilt for viewing 360 degrees in both vertical and horizontal planes. Priced at $3,495 USD, the M200 is FLIR’s brings safer navigation to more boaters around the globe.

Easy Installation on Any Vessel

IP video technology simplifies installation by eliminating extra video signal cables.  A simple Ethernet connection allows the M100 and M200 to network with multiple compatible MFDs

Stay Alert and Stay Safe

FLIR ClearCruise™ IR Analytics technology keeps an eye on dangerous obstacles when combined with new Raymarine Axiom MFDs.

More Thermal Capability for Less

Full resolution 320x240 thermal vision cameras starting at $2,495.

The M100 and M200 will be available at the end of the first quarter through FLIR’s network of Raymarine and FLIR Maritime dealers. For more information on these products, please visit www.flir.com/marine.

AXIOM - Touch Screen Multifunction Navigation Displays

Touch Screen Multifunction Navigation Displays | Raymarine by FLIR

A powerful new multifunction navigation system from Raymarine. With built-in RealVision 3D™ sonar, the all new LightHouse 3 operating system, and blazing fast quad core performance, AXIOM will transform your time on the water. Available in 7”, 9” or 12.1” display options

Choice of 3 Displays:


NEW Axiom Multifunction Display | Raymarine by FLIR

Fast 10 Hz 72 Channel GPS/GLONASS Receiver for rapid position updates and smooth on screen tracking.


Axiom is expandable, so its capabilities can grow, as needed. It supports the full range of Raymarine accessories, including Quantum radar, CHIRP Sonar, FLIR thermal cameras, audio integration, instruments, cameras, and Evolution autopilot. Standard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity allows connection to the latest Raymarine apps for tablets and smartphones.

Axiom includes surface and trunnion mounting kits, mounting hardware, power/data cable, and installation instructions.

New LightHouse 3 OS | Raymarine by FLIR

New LightHouse 3 OS is fast, fluid, and easy to learn. An uncluttered interface is easily personalized for your style of navigating.

Learn more about LightHouse 3

Big Screen Experience | Raymarine by FLIR

Rugged all-glass display optimized for flush or surface mounting. Sleek buttonless design with swipe-to-power control.

Supports the best charts | Raymarine by FLIR

Support for the best charts from Navionics and LightHouse Raster and Vector Charts sourced from leading map makers like NV Digital, Blue Latitude, and more.

Learn more about cartography options



Gyro-Stabilized Sonar Technology

Gyro stabilization compensates for boat movement, delivering life-like 3D sonar imagery.

All-in-One Tranducers

RealVision 3D Transducers combine CHIRP DownVision, CHIRP SideVision, High Frequency CHIRP, and RealVision 3D into a single transducer housing.

All-in-ine RealVision 3D Transducers | Raymarine by FLIR
Easy Fish Identification | Raymarine by FLIR

Easy Fish Identification

Easily identify structure and locate fish with the life-like clarity of RealVision™ 3D sonar.

Wide Spectrum CHIRP Sonar | Raymarine by FLIR

Wide Spectrum CHIRP Sonar

Transmits on 60 different frequencies for the most life-like sonar imagery and simply the best fish targeting – hands down!

Powerful 4 Channel Sonar | Raymarine by FLIR

Powerful 4 Channel Sonar

Supports RealVision 3D, CHIRP DownVision, SideVision, High Frequency CHIRP, and 600 Watt (50/200 kHz) sonar.



Uncluttered Radar

New radar modes simplify operation along with quick access to sensitivity controls and enhanced status and range displays.

LightHouse Live View Menu™

Lets you see radar adjustments in real time.

Axiom Uncluttered Radar | Raymarine by FLIR

Enhanced Thermal Awareness

Exclusive FLIR ClearCruise™ thermal video analytics technology actively monitors the scene and provide alerts when any non-water objects enter the camera’s field of view.

Learn more about the new M100 and M200

New FLIR M100 / M200 Series | Raymarine by FLIR

FLIR M100/200 Series



NEW FLIR M100 and M200 | Raymarine by FLIR

Navigate Safely at Night when connected to the FLIR M100 and M200 compact marine thermal cameras.

Video Monitoring | Raymarine by FLIR

Video Monitoring Make Axiom your video observation center. Add docking cameras or keep watch on the crew. View 4 video over IP cameras simultaneously.

Quantum CHIRP Radar | Raymarine by FLIR

Radar Compatible with Quantum CHIRP Radar and Raymarine’s family of Digital, HD, and Super HD radars.

High-Powered Black Box Sonar | Raymarine by FLIR

High-Powered Black Box Sonar Axiom is compatible with CP470 and CP570 CHIRP sonar modules.

Marine Audio Control | Raymarine by FLIR

Marine Audio Control Turn up the volume and control NMEA2000 compatible marine audio systems like Rockford Fosgate.

NMEA2000 and SeaTalkng compatible devices | Raymarine by FLIR

Connect Axiom with NMEA2000 and SeaTalkngcompatible devices.

Axiom Connections | Raymarine by FLIR

Ready to Network with Raynet Ethernet and NMEA2000. Connect multiple Axiom displays or expand with Quantum, HD radar, IP cameras, engine gauges, autopilots, instruments, and more.



Learn more about Axiom 7 | Raymarine by FLIR

Axiom 7

AXIOM 7, Multi-function 7” Display, available with charts, sonar and DownVision and RealVision 3D Sonar.

Learn more about Axiom 9 | Raymarine by FLIR

Axiom 9

AXIOM 9, Multi-function 9” Display, available with charts, sonar and DownVision and RealVision 3D Sonar.

Learn more about Axiom 12 | Raymarine by FLIR

Axiom 12

AXIOM 12, Multi-function 12.1” Display, available with charts, sonar and DownVision and RealVision 3D Sonar.

New LightHouse 3 Operating System

Intuitive and Powerful

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